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    ※ Please read before contacting


    I’m accepting jobs such as coloring, logo design and so on centered on illustration.

    I can only accept requests for payment, but commercial or Self-publishing is not questioned.

    If you need me please send me an e-mail from the following address or e-mail form.


    ●I actively accept your request as saying “I want to order an illustration and logo together!”

    ●Illustration sample for adults is not posted on HP, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Main application : PhotoshopCC / IllustratorCC / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

    About manuscript fee

    If you can present concrete amount of money or rough budget beforehand, you can smoothly talk about it.

    With regard to actual results

    After releasing, if it is a publishable product, it can promote and introduce the content on my personal Twitter or HP.

    If the work published with the proven public or copyright notation in the text is impossible, Please contact me in advance.


    ※Please check in advance.

    I’m unable to agree with when the presence or absence of disclosure is unknown at the time of ordering.

    Check List

    ※Even before concluding the NDA, please present the following information.

    / Release media (magazines, home game machines, browser games, applications, etc.)

    / Details of production contents (standing picture, still picture, character design etc)

    / Bbudget and Delivery date

    / Payment due date

    / Presence of achievement disclosure

    About reply

    I’ll reply within 3 days,

    but reply may be delayed depending on circumstances.

    If there is no reply after a week,

    there is a possibility of error, please contact me again.

  • If you have any questions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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